by Alexandra Miller, RDN, LDN

12 tips for healthy weight maintenance

Weight maintenance may make you a little nervous—more variety, less structure, additional calories. As a dietitian, I understand how you may be feeling. That’s why we have created meal plans specifically for weight maintenance. They are designed to help you get off on the right foot as you start your weight maintenance journey. Here are 12 tips for healthy weight maintenance. Continue reading


by Jennifer Christman, RD, LDN

Replies to questions submitted for Registered Dietitian Day live chat

Our live chat didn’t work quite as planned the other day, but we wanted to answer some of the questions that were submitted prior to the chat. We’re working on scheduling another chat! Click through to read some of the … Continue reading


by Jennifer Christman, RD, LDN

Live chat for Registered Dietitians Day

Update: Unfortunately, we’ve experienced a bug with the chat plugin we were utilizing and we’ve been unable to fix the issue. In lieu of the live chat, we will take a selection of questions that have already been submitted and make a separate … Continue reading


by Nick Frye, LCPC, NCC, DCC

Ready, Willing, and Able: Willpower vs. Willingness

  We’re seven weeks into 2013, and that means more than three-quarters of us resolution makers have faltered. We had the best of intentions. We were motivated. We had willpower! Why wasn’t that enough? (Click through to find out!)


by Brian Gleason

Share your Medifast Become Yourself journey with us!

No matter where you are in your weight-loss journey, you have a story to tell that could inspire others. Whether it’s your first week on the Medifast Program or you’ve been maintaining your weight loss for years, your experience has … Continue reading