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  1. Hello!

    I was doing some searching online for blogs that had good information on breast cancer and I came across your site! Great site! As you are probably aware of, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have a infographic from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance that I would like to pass along. The IG features great information and facts about breast health. Please check it out here:

    If this is something that you think will be of interest to your readers, please feel free to put it up on your site! To post, simply copy the embed code (located below the image) and paste it to your page. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Thank you,

  2. Hi! I am restarting medifast. I have been working out regularly doing cardio and total body strength training similar to cross fit. Each class is 45-60 minutes and I attend 4-5 days a week. Will the 5&1 have enough calories to accommodate this or should I look into the 4&2? Thank you!

  3. I’m not a very happy person with Medifast and not sure that I would ever recommend anyone to the facility! I was a client at the Addison Tx location about a year ago. After visiting the office on two occasions I decided to give it a chance. After giving almost 400.00 upfront I got nothing out of your facility. I wasnt weighed in and how was I to know the facilities policy. Well after a week and being excited I go for my weigh in. Well they couldnt tell me if I lost being no records were recorded. The lady that helped me was rude and really didnt want to answer any questions I had. Monica was her name I do believe. After that 1st week visit and 400.00 later I WAS AND STILL NOT HAPPY! I tried to let it go, but the more emails I get the more upset I get. I see your 199.00 re-enrollment fee, and I call back to addison and Janice tells me for me to lose 40lbs it would cost me 900.00!!! Wow Wow I fell like I gave Medifast almost 400.00 for bad service and now its 900.00! Very disappointed!!

    Michelle Rodriguez

  4. My # is 859 441 9282 . Your cust service number has cut me off many times . Contacting BBB and my credit card company . I need to hear from you on my purchase VIA TV add on Sept 11 of a nutri Bullet . Sincerely Frank Redden

  5. Have you ever given any thought to making a product free of soy protein and using whey protein for those with allergies to soy? I have used this diet in the past and had success, however, I find myself allergic to the soy as i am sure others do.

  6. its funny how you claim to “help people” on advertisements, and the whole 9 yards, when all you want is money! this is totally a scam because there are plenty of programs much better than yours, that do not cost nearly as much or nothing at all. I see wealthy people buying the diets that cost so much, what about people that are mothers or fathers w/single income, or so on . jenny craig, etc. unreal!! you only help when you offer real weight losing results affordable!!Ponzi!!a simple diet, foods to avoid, watch dr oz for crying out loud! Listen to him we will all lose weight! I understand you need funds to advertise, them simplify the advertisements, employees, whatever, but you are not helping anyone, just fooling the hopeful! please change your ways, you are making people believe in a dream they will never succeed at.bottom line is whether we are 200+ lbs overweight, 10 lbs, its all judgment and the will to want it! movie stars will nor persuade me to buy anything, they have all the money for trainers, surgery, for the everyday American, we just do not have those luxuries!! thank you and goodnite!!

  7. Anyone else getting a distasteful aftertaste from some of the products? I dont’ get this sensation with products sweetened with NutraSweet but the oatmeal, the bars (my former end of the day reward,now not so much) and several others all of this nasty aftertaste to them.

  8. I am trying to place an order and requested free shipping with the advertised coupon code of SHIPOCT31. Your system will not honor the coupon and is trying to charge me a minimum of $17.99 for shipping. Please let me know what I need to do to ensure free shipping. Thank you.

    • Hallie Falquet Sovesky

      Hi Jayna, In order to use that offer and get the free shipping, you need to sign up for the Med Advantage program.

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