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No matter where you are in your weight-loss journey, you have a story to tell that could inspire others. Whether it’s your first week on the Medifast Program or you’ve been maintaining your weight loss for years, your experience has the potential to help someone else begin his or her journey to a healthier life.

This isn’t a contest. There are no big prizes—other than the chance to be an inspiration. By submitting a Medifast Become Yourself photo, you have the chance to be featured on this blog; our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pages; or even our website!

We’ll share, at random, photos submitted by you. We may tweet your photo from the Medifast Twitter account (@Medifast) or write a blog post featuring your photo. That’s the premise of the Medifast Become Yourself photo campaign: we all have a story to share, and we all have the ability to help others.

Now we want to hear from you! Simply click the Medifast Become Yourself tab on our Facebook Page. You can then upload your photo from your Facebook account or from your computer, or you can post a picture to Instagram with the hashtag #MedifastBecomeYourself.

Check back often! Vote for and share photos, and keep an eye out for new themes every two weeks. Who knows—your photo may even be featured!

Introducing our first theme: New Year’s Resolutions. We’re looking for photos that depict your 2013 health-related resolutions. Click here to see examples from @Angie S and @Laura S to begin sharing your photos!

Brian Gleason

Author: Brian Gleason

Brian is responsible for developing social media strategies for the Medifast brand and each of the company's weight-loss support channels. Unofficially, he’s the tallest blogger at a weight-loss company in the world, a distinction that he hopes nobody decides to challenge. Brian has never met a hashtag he doesn't like and can be found on Twitter at @BGleas

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