What if you could have a conversation with your leaner, healthier self?


If you’re just starting your weight-loss journey, what questions would you ask your future self? Or, if you’ve successfully lost weight, how would you thank your former self for starting the journey? If you could have a conversation with your future or former self, what would you say? We want to hear your conversation!

Talking to your future or former self truly gets to the why in weight loss. It hits our emotions, rather than just the numbers on the scale. In early 2012, Medifast asked of Kimberley Vandlen, Tina Shelley and Joseph Garcia why they wanted to lose weight and encouraged them to have a conversation with their future selves. Eight months later, we revisited the leaner, healthier trio and had them speak to their former selves. Today, Medifast launched “Conversations with Yourself.”

We followed Kimberley, Tina and Joseph throughout their weight-loss journeys. Medifast shows their former, heavier selves having a conversation with their new, leaner, healthier selves. Medifast captured not only the physical weight loss, but also the emotions of achievement, dedication and success.

Kimberley, Tina and Joseph are on the road to becoming themselves. Tina recently opened a fitness studio in Chicago and  is training to be a fitness instructor; Kimberley is hiking, taking her daughter to the park, and traveling; and Joseph is currently pursuing a singing career.

Learn more about Kimberley, Tina and Joseph’s “Become Yourself” journeys and tell us – what would you say to your future or former self?

Brian Gleason

Author: Brian Gleason

Brian is responsible for developing social media strategies for the Medifast brand and each of the company's weight-loss support channels. Unofficially, he’s the tallest blogger at a weight-loss company in the world, a distinction that he hopes nobody decides to challenge. Brian has never met a hashtag he doesn't like and can be found on Twitter at @BGleas


  1. This is brilliant! And inspiring. Thank you.

  2. This promotion for Medifast and TSFL is absolutely THE BEST \”weight loss/healthy lifestyle\” promotion I have ever seen. It touches your heart and inspires you to join and have your own conversation with yourself. I know I have and I can\’t wait to be on the other side and have another conversation with my former self!! Thank you Medifast and TSFL for UNDERSTANDING!

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