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Get excited! We’ve just released an updated version of our Healthy Celebrations Guide. This wonderful little book is packed full of tips to help you learn how to celebrate and stay healthy at the same time. See an excerpt below:

[Excerpted from the Medifast Healthy Celebrations Guide]
Don’t Go Hungry
Eating small, regular meals the day of your event can help you stay full and energized so you’re less likely to eat something on impulse. If you’re currently on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan®, bring a Medifast Meal with you, or plan to have your Lean & GreenTM Meal there—just make sure you stay within Plan guidelines.

Control Your Portions
If you’re served a larger-than-necessary portion at a sit-down event, push the extra amount to the side of your plate and stop when you’ve eaten an appropriate amount. At a buffet, choose a small plate and stick to right-sized servings of lower calorie, nutrient-rich foods. When you’re done, you’re done.

Search Out The Healthy
Just about every party has healthy food. Lean roasted meats, shrimp cocktail without sauce, raw veggies, and leafy greens are some good examples. For beverages, bring your favorite Medifast Flavor Infusers™ to drink with water, or stick with calorie-free soda, sparkling water, sugar free iced tea, or coffee.

Eat Mindfully
Chew, chew, chew, and savor every wonderful flavor. It typically takes the stomach 15 to 20 minutes to signal the brain that you’ve had enough food. Get the most out of each bite by eating slowly and give yourself a chance to note when you’re full.

Get more tips on how to stay healthy through the holidays at our upcoming Google chat! Registered Dietitians, Jennifer Christman and Suman Tohan will answer your questions LIVE! Click on the image to RSVP and leave your questions. See you there!

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