Lee & Robert are devoted to a healthy lifestyle … and each other

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Lee and Rob Ruh BA
It’s a true love story: After being overweight for many years, Lee Ruh started on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan and took off an impressive 103 pounds. (Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.)

That wasn’t the end of the adventure; it was just the start. Inspired by his wife’s success on the 5 & 1 Plan, Robert Ruh decided to transform his health as well. And now, they’re both helping others: They’ve become Health Coaches with Take Shape For Life, the personal weight-loss coaching division of Medifast.

The Ruh’s devotion to their new, healthy lifestyle—and, to each other—is a continuing success story that will warm your heart. Click to read an interview with the Ruhs.

Lee, you started your transition before Robert. You were thrilled to get results, but you didn’t push Robert to join you. How did you know to let him come into his own readiness for change?

LEE: I know from experience that a key component of success is wanting it for yourself. I wouldn’t have dreamed of pushing Robert to lose weight. Instead, simply enjoying the plan and celebrating the victories made the program irresistible to him.

What were some of the Lean & Green Meals that caught Robert’s eye?

ROBERT: The meal that caught my eye of course was the 2 cups Egg Beaters®! I couldn’t believe it was OK to eat that much on a weight loss program. Adding in a variety of vegetables and it is virtually impossible to eat it in one sitting.

LEE: Robert makes the best Lean & Green Meals! I’d be a bore in the kitchen: steamed meat and steamed vegetables. But Robert quickly got the hang of adding spices, broiling and grilling, and getting creative with the dishes from day to day. One of my favorite Lean & Green Meals is tail-on steamed jumbo shrimp with broccoli, sautéed in garlic olive oil.

How did you encourage each other?

ROBERT: I feel like my encouragement for Lee came in the form of trying to keep enticing food out of the kitchen, while keeping the right foods IN. I’m the cook in the family, so while Lee was on the 5 & 1 Plan, I made her Lean & Green Meals for her, and we ate them as a family. That way, she didn’t have to feel like she was “different.” That practice had the added benefit of helping me start on my journey to weight loss, before I even committed to the program.

LEE: The greatest encouragement I got from Robert was that he resisted being an “enabler” to go off plan and turned into the “enabler” to stay on plan. He didn’t offer me any treats or anything off plan, but instead prepared wonderful Lean & Green Meals for me every day!

Are there new activities you two enjoy together now that you’re both healthier?

LEE: We are a football family! With our newfound health and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, we’ve thrown ourselves into little league football with our boys. Robert coaches while both boys play, and I serve as Mom Cheerleader Extraordinaire!

During football season, I enjoy jogging the three miles to the practice fields to join the whole family in fantastic outdoor fun! Before getting healthy, I couldn’t imagine wanting to do anything but sit and watch from the couch!

ROBERT: We went to a grand party recently and found ourselves positively dancing the night away. I can’t imagine ever having done that in the past.

How have healthier habits changed you as parents?

ROBERT: I grew up eating a starch at every meal. I’ve learned healthy habits like serving my boys more fresh vegetables and a whole lot less rice, pasta, and potatoes. Those are nice for them in moderation and occasionally, but definitely not at every dinner. After all, with us as parents, we need to teach them now how to navigate our obesigenic environment, so they can avoid gaining weight and getting unhealthy like we did.

LEE: Having two young boys (ages 7 and 9), activity is the name of the game. We spent too many years finding excuses to sit around while they played. Now, our focus is not only on playing with them, but helping them learn what smart choices are now, so they don’t fight the weight battle in the future.

Congratulations on your journey so far, Robert and Lee! To learn more about Take Shape For Life or request a free Health Coach, click here.

Author: Renee Beck

Renee provides public relations support to all divisions of Medifast. When she’s not busy getting success stories on The Today Show, working with bloggers, managing testimonials, drinking chocolate Ready-to-Drinks to make sure she gets all of her vitamins, and dishing out advice to anyone who will listen … she sleeps.

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  1. Congratulations to the both of you on your success and continued endeavors!

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