4 Tips to Stay on Plan from the Medifast Bloggers


Medifast Tips from Bloggers

We have a number of talented bloggers participating in the Medifast program. We’ve collected their most recent tips below. If you need inspiration, be sure to visit their blogs and follow along with their weight-loss journeys!

You can do Medifast AND drink coffee!

One of the hardest parts of starting a new diet can be cutting out some of your routine habits like coffee. Although black coffee has 0 calories, it’s the addition of creamers and sugars that weigh you down. However, our blogger Censie Sawyer of Building Our Story, has found a way for you to keep your coffee addiction with the help of Medifast.

“And in all of this I do not have to give up my slight coffee obsession!  Check out this brilliant idea.  Medifast has Ready-to-Drink Shakes that come in a French Vanilla Flavor so every morning I head to my favorite Starbucks and order a BLACK no sugar or milk added Grande Iced Coffee in a Venti cup.  Once I get my treat I add my first Medifast Meal of the day to my coffee – the RTD French Vanilla Shake – and stir and enjoy!  It feels like a cheat and it isn’t!!!  Yum!”

Tea to help you hydrate

A key to weight loss is keeping hydrated! Our body is 60% water and if you aren’t staying hydrated, then your body’s metabolism has a harder time at working properly. Blogger Dawn at Blogging Mom of 4 has figured out low-calorie tea recipes that her with her water intake for the day!

 “I’ve started making at least one quart of my sugar free tea per day and then drinking 1 more quart of regular water. That gives me 64 oz and then I try to drink a little extra on top of that. I love making my own brew over ice tea!”

Get in the right mindset

Another adjustment to maintaining a diet is having the right mindset. With both physical and emotional expectations, sometimes it can take the life out of you. But with advice from our blogger Aly, at The Michigan Mom, you may amend your mindset.

“I’ve decided that if I want more out of life then I have to take initiative and make the necessary changes that I want in my life today. Not tomorrow, not 5 years from now– today. It’s easy to get lost in the past and think about how differently things could’ve turned out if (insert regrets here) didn’t happen the way it did. It’s easy to curl up in a ball and sleep all day and ignore everyone and everything. It’s easy to give in and give up. But life isn’t supposed to be easy.”

Don’t forget to set goals

A huge motivation to stay on track with your diet is to set goals. Without goals to push you to succeed, the journey can be difficult because you don’t know what you’re working towards. And then you may never be fully satisfied! Blogger Tim at Review Dad, reached his goal of wearing his wedding ring within five weeks.

“Speaking of goals, back in week 2, I mentioned that one of my goals was to comfortably wear my wedding ring again. I’m very happy to say that I have been wearing my wedding ring (comfortably) for about a week now!”


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  1. Great to get reminders to help us keep on track:) I appreciate it:)

  2. I have been doing the coffee trick for a while. I brew a mug of coffee and add chocolate shake for a café mocha.

  3. I love all these bloggers. I’m on the 5and plan and having a hard time staying on it. My brain is getting the best of me. I keep focusing on what I can’t have verses what I can and the results I’ll see. I wish I could turn my brain off!

    • Try to find what triggers the craving and just say no. My trigger is carvel buy one get one free. So I try saying no and it passes and now it’s Thursday. I’m to cheap to buy at regular prices.

    • You can. Try practicing stopping the negative thought and replace it with a positive one every time you have one. Be prepared with plenty of positive ideas on notecards or notes in your phone or a notebook. It takes practice to develop any habit so be ready to truck your mind right back. ;-)

      • I always make meals ahead of times for moments like this. I make the chocolate pudding and put in freezer. When I’m ready it’s like eating a fudge cycle. Also making the brownies and desserts ahead of time and sticking them in the freezer is delicious. Good luck!

    • Mary, what do you think you cannot have? I used to say I can’t have potatoes, yet medifast has those. So I can have them! I bet you can find a meal replacement that would rival what you think you cannot have. Another example, love pasta, try the Zita dish.

  4. I fractured my foot and can’t get back on track I reached my goal from 155 to 130 pounds and now putting weight back can’t get motivated and ideas please

    • Hallie Falquet Sovesky

      Hi Stephanie, Always keep your goals in the front of your mind at all times. Maybe that means keeping a picture of you at your goal weight on the refrigerator door, or a bit “130″ taped to your bathroom mirrror. If you can remember why you started in the first place and why it’s important to you it will help you get back on track!

  5. It is about choices which I do. Iced coffee without sugar/milk is just as satisfying. Just look at the brand you are using.

  6. I love the coffee idea with the French Vanilla RTD idea ! I have been missing my sugar free creamer and this will solve the issue ! I am busy and work 12 hr shifts and the RTD shakes help get me thru. Medifast is such a great product !

  7. People USE to think my daughter was my sister. That was 20 years ago. I want to look fit, SLIMMER & hope to pass as my daughter’s older sister. How I wish….BUT I can try with the help of Medifast. Medifast worked for me in the past so my mindset is ”I can do it again.”

  8. I just started and am having a hard time with some of the food. Really had high hopes for the blueberry muffin but couldn’t finish it. Also, I’m a sweet eater and so far have only had the bars for “dessert”. Only one week and I’m already bored with the meals I’ve cooked, chicken…chicken and more chicken. Any ideas anyone on any of the above? Thanks!

    • Hallie Falquet Sovesky

      For dessert, the Brownie Soft Bake or Dark Chocolate Shake are two of my favorites. For a Lean, instead of chicken do you like fish or tuna? Roasted shrimp can work or if you don’t like seafood, you can have 5 oz of beef. For a vegetarian protein eggs are great and even cheese! Check your Lean Options and Meatless Options lists for lots of ideas.

  9. I used Medifast in past with awesome results. I have gained weight and need to lose about 40 lbs. I gained weight from stress eating and lack of energy to exercise. I have an amazing vacation in March 2015 and want to feel good in my swim suit. Looking forward to this journey. :)

    • I just got some Medifast pretzels, pancakes & puddings delivered:) It’s like Christmas:) My husband commented, ”That’s pretty expensive for snacks.” I showed him the soy protein printed on one of the boxes & said, ” There are lots of vitamins & minerals, too PLUS it’s filling.” Medifast is the ONLY diet that EVER worked for me & I started gaining extra weight in the mid 1970′s:( I went on my first diet in 1978 for my first class reunion. I’m almost 65 yrs. old & look young for my age. Now I want a matching slimmer body & will definitely buy Medifast every month until the day I die. I’m doing this for me. I’ve put everyone else before me. Buying Medifast is more important than facials, medis or pedis, which I never did….so it’s my time to ”go girl.” My time to shine:)

    • One more thing. I’m an emotional eater but who needs to work on a ”mind set” with Medifast because it doesn’t taste or feel like a diet. It’s great tasting. I bought Medifast snacks like the junk food my husband has around the house that temps me so I don’t eat his salty, vitamin deficient snacks and sweets. I have my Medifast. Any junk he buys, I can duplicate with healthy Medifast. That is a BIG PLUS:)

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