Become Yourself photo campaign: Non-Scale Victory!


We are so excited to announce the second theme in our Become Yourself Photo Contest! You did an awesome job showing us pictures of your New Year’s Resolutions, but now we want to see your greatest “Non-Scale Victory.”

For those that are new to the Medifast community, a Non-Scale Victory is a weight-loss goal you’ve achieved that isn’t directly related to the scale or the number of pounds lost. Non-Scale Victories are more about your “Become Yourself” journey.

Do you fit into a smaller size? Can you now run farther than you ever could before? We want to see what you’ve accomplished, or plan to accomplish, on this journey that’s not directly related to the scale—because weight loss is about a lot more than the numbers. And remember, you don’t have to be at the end of your journey to share. Maybe you’re in the point where you’re still working toward these goals. We want to hear from everyone, whether you’ve lost the weight, are currently losing, or just getting started. This is your chance to be an inspiration!

Watch this video to see how to submit your photos and then go to our Facebook page to enter. Who knows? Your photo just may be featured on this blog or other Medifast social media sites! We can’t wait to see all of your victories!

Brian Gleason

Author: Brian Gleason

Brian is responsible for developing social media strategies for the Medifast brand and each of the company's weight-loss support channels. Unofficially, he’s the tallest blogger at a weight-loss company in the world, a distinction that he hopes nobody decides to challenge. Brian has never met a hashtag he doesn't like and can be found on Twitter at @BGleas

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