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  1. bob hinkle

    medifast is been a blessing for me as we lost over 30 pounds in three weeks it was amazing how fast the weight went off I feel so much better and course I had high blood pressure which has drop considerably walking up hills used to be holy heck for me is I was for fun and how fun now I go up the hills without any problem at all . also it increase my manly hood tremendously just plain facts guys but I’m so happy to be trimming down to what I used to be when I was in my younger years I believe the weight loss will increase our lifespan tremendously and I hope to stay on the program for ever.

  2. diana

    Great but the average person can’t afford it

  3. rebecca

    it works but food terrible, don”t care for selection and pay for shipping and expensive trying to find substitutions not as fast losing as suggested from advertisement, if the food isn’t consumed, weight is not lost, have to stay on food to lose

  4. Donna

    There must be something to Medifast. I’m a repeat offender when it comes to dieting and regaining. Four years and going strong after losing 35lbs with Medifast. Just get right with yourself and do it.

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