Happy International Left-handers’ Day!


Being a proud lefty, I’m often telling my co-workers, and really anyone that will listen, the difficulties we lefties face on a daily basis. There’s the whole “scissors” thing, getting marker down the side of your hand when writing on a dry-erase board and having to use the mouse with your right hand.

So, in honor of International Left-Handers’ Day, the corporate team at Medifast and Take Shape For Life made it mandatory for all employees to use their left hands for the entire day. I was really excited to see my co-workers have to deal with all the challenges me and my fellow lefties encounter on a daily basis.

I decided to check the security camera footage in the office and it showed exactly what I expected, that it wasn’t the easiest of days for those right handers in the office…

Happy International Left-Handers’ Day!

Author: Brian Gleason

Brian is responsible for developing social media strategies for the Medifast brand and each of the company's weight-loss support channels. Unofficially, he’s the tallest blogger at a weight-loss company in the world, a distinction that he hopes nobody decides to challenge. Brian has never met a hashtag he doesn't like and can be found on Twitter at @BGleas

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