Preparing for New Year’s resolutions with resources and tools


New Year's Resolution Success
Did you know that New Year’s resolutions are typically made for five consecutive years or more before long-lasting change is made? Deflating, isn’t it? A swift kick in the gut, a quick release of wind from the sails, a hard dose of reality, a … hey, wait a minute … isn’t this supposed to be a helpful, supportive blog?

Why, yes it is. But first, let’s figure out why so many resolutions fail. Perhaps it is a lack of willpower? Weak intestinal fortitude? The short answer: No. The real reason lies in premature action.

The New Year comes with an immense amount of pressure to take action; we are “supposed to change” and so we jump in with two feet whether we are ready or not. Full steam ahead! Throw caution to the wind! Then we fail, which only reinforces our belief that we couldn’t really do it in the first place, that we are doomed to this existence as an overeater or a couch potato.
So what hope is there? How can we overcome our own self-defeating behaviors? The answer lies in taking the time to make the proper Preparations before we take Action.

In short, we must PLAN and then ACT.

Preparation for change provides us with an opportunity to make concrete plans to change and provides a structure for the change to occur. Ask yourself, “When are my most tempting times to make unhealthy food choices? What are some possible solutions for getting through those tempting times without eating? What are my goals? What steps do I plan to take? What can get in the way? Who are the people that can help me?” And most importantly “What resources and tools do I need before I begin?”

Here are some resources and tools we suggest you obtain before you make your New Year’s resolutions and start your journey towards a renewed you!

  • Don’t be behind before you start: Whether you’re utilizing Medifast Meal Replacements or just eating healthier in general, make sure you get that food stocked in your kitchen BEFORE New Year’s.
  • Get support: Support is proven to help with success, so having support on your journey can be crucial. Whether it’s via social media ( or find us on Facebook or Twitter), a free Health Coach from Take Shape For Life or at one of our Medifast Weight Control Centers, make sure you have a solid support system in place before you start.
  • Go shopping: Make a shopping list for your Lean & Green Meals.
  • Get the tools: Purchase a food scale and a water bottle.
  • Give us a call! Call a Product and Program Specialist with any questions before you begin at 800-209-0878.

Formulating a realistic and practical plan with the proper resources and tools builds confidence and increases commitment to change. As the old saying goes, “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.”

Once you have gathered up all your resources, tools and support systems as well as made a commitment to yourself and your health then go forth with this knowledge and change your life!

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