Healthy celebrations when you’re the host or hostess


Healthy Holiday Party
When we’re providing holiday food for the family, it’s easy to fix everyone’s high-calorie favorites—and to indulge in them. It’s important to remember that regaining our health is important to those who love us, and plan ahead. Here are five tips to keep you on track when you’re the host/hostess:

  1. Modify your favorites
    You may not have to give up traditional party favorites when you can make healthier versions of them. Mashed cauliflower makes a tasty alternative to mashed potatoes. Try sautéing in broth instead of butter. Use sugar- and fat-free ingredients whenever you can.
  2. Ask for (and accept) help
    Stress is a main trigger for unhealthy eating. Let friends and family help you with your party. Delegate tasks beforehand and don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a dish for all to enjoy.
  3. Be leery of leftovers
    When you’re cleaning up, let someone else package leftovers while you wash dishes, sweep up, or take out the trash. Send high-calorie treats home with friends or take them in to the office for co-workers. Portion out healthy items into ready-made Lean & Green Meal servings for later.
  4. Procrastinate with purpose
    If you’re baking or preparing calorie-rich foods for a gathering, wait and do so at the last minute so you spend less time looking at and smelling them.
  5. Focus on your non-faves
    If you’re preparing party food, make it something that’s easier for you to resist. For example, if your weakness is chocolate, go with fruit. Not a huge fan of coconut? Bake macaroons.

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