Tips to control your surroundings at events


Tinsel and Lights
You may not have a say in what’s served at a party or whether or how your second cousin behaves at the dinner table, but there are some techniques you can use to manage your surroundings to stress and unhealthy habits stay in check.

  1. A BUDDY: A great way to navigate celebrations is to stick close to someone who understands and supports what you’re trying to do—either in person or by phone or text. Just knowing someone is in your corner cheering for your success can be tremendously powerful.
  2. AVOIDANCE: Leave the room: It’s not a sign of weakness or poor self-control, but rather an intelligent response to avoid problems, especially when you’re in the early stages of learning to eat healthy.
  3. VISUALIZATION: Use your imagination to mentally “see” yourself politely declining the offer of a second helping or getting up to dance when the desserts are passed around.
  4. REMINDERS: Set up positive, motivating messages on your cell phone to pop up during the event, or write them down on small slips of paper to hide in your purse or pocket. Here are some ideas:
  • You’re doing this for your kids—and future grandkids.
  • No food tastes better than healthy feels.
  • Your spouse is so proud of your success.
  • You’re one step closer to your goal.
  • You’re becoming your true self every day.

Imagine yourself leaving the party enriched by fun, togetherness, and conversation, and knowing you’ve stayed true to your healthy goals!

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