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  1. Lynnelle

    This is so cool! My story mimics here and what she felt like before she lost her weight. Very inspirational!

  2. Carol Ann Usher

    Toby, you look fit, trim,GREAT:) Life is short so it’s wonderful that you lost all that weight while you’re still young. I’m happy for you. Medifast is the only diet that EVER worked for me. I’ll always buy some Medifast every month, even after I’m at my goal weight. I deserve that treat for myself. Keep it up:)

  3. Jim McLaughlin

    Toby, what a great act of love you performed for yourself, your husband and your adorable kids! I hope you continue to inspire men and women for many years to come. Good luck and God bless you and yours!

    Following your lead,
    Jimmy Mack

  4. Bab

    Hello, my friends call me Bab I started medifast July/2013 as of July 2014 was the end of my year, today11/06/2014 I’ve lost 75lbs as of 11/18 in a week & a half I’ll be 65 yrs old I feel so great my back, knees my entire body feel so good. I’ll continue to use the healthy tools I learned from medifast. So, Toby I know how u feel. You look BEAUTIFUL!! Keep up the good work….

  5. Toby

    Thank you Lynelle, Carol Ann, Jim, and Bab for the sweet comments and such kind words that you shared! The experience I had losing my weight with Medifast was truly life changing. Medifast is still helping to change my life daily as I continue to maintain my weightloss by using the tools and knowledge they had imparted to me. I wish all the best for each of you! Congratulations to all of you in your Medifast weightloss endeavours! Happy Birthday Bab! :)

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