1. jenn l.

    I would love a little help getting back on track after a few too many football Saturdays at the bar.


    I am really enjoying the Med Fast food. I like the variety and taste. I look forward to my new shipment each time!

  3. Claudia Gant

    Two more weeks of being on program.

  4. Sharon Roselli

    Winning would be great to be able to try some different foods and have extra meals on hand.

  5. Heidi G

    Winning two weeks of food would definitely be a big boost in helping me continue on my weight loss journey

  6. collette mcmanus

    Thanks for supporting ND!

  7. cynthia Poort

    Medifast is great food!

  8. Tillo brendle-ratcliff

    Would love 2 weeks free since I’ve been on it since may and lost over 50 lbs.I think it would be a good reward for the hard work.

  9. John G

    I would be able to lose weight so I would feel healthier and reduce my medications for diabetes

  10. H Gore

    Medifast is a great tool in helping me lose weight. Winning the food would be a great boost to that effort

  11. Susan Day

    I have had great sucess in losing weight when everything else I tried was failing – I have lost 18 pounds since the 6th of October and starting to feel great!! I am trying to spread the news of how good I feel in hopes my friends will take a part in the Medifast program. A celebration of winning the food would encourage me more to keep up the good work. Thank you Medifast!!!

  12. kathleen owens

    I love medifast but it was years ago and all they had was the meal replacement drinks that you mix with water, l had to leave work to nurse my husband and I really can’t afford it now. I was going to buy the shakes but I can’t afford them cause if I read it right they only have seven to a box. Who ever wins this contest will lucky cause it works cause back when I use the shakes I lost 68 pounds . But im back up to 224 .

  13. Molly G.

    Two weeks of free meals would help me discover some new favorites, and hopefully finally get to my goal of 65 lbs. gone forever!

  14. Sharon Cinski

    two weeks of free meals would be amazing !!!

  15. Jenny H

    I’d love to win some free stuff so I can share some examples of Medifast food with friends who might be interested in the program

  16. Tiffany

    Staying on the program

  17. Sara Showalter

    It would be amazing to win! Help me keep losing weight and save some money for Xmas shopping πŸ™‚

  18. heather

    I love the bars great on the go healthy food.

  19. Janette Bennett

    Two weeks of meals would be awesome! I really want to try the Gingerbread and I’m on a fixed income. I’ll take all the help I can get πŸ˜‰

  20. Lynda Kuehn

    Two weeks of free meals would help get me in swimsuit shape for my upcoming vacation!

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