1. carol ann usher

    I made all my snacks & meals for tomorrow-Medifast pancake for breakfast, Medifast shake for snack, veges & cheese w/low cal. salad dressing for lunch, Medifast soup & same as lunch-veges & cheese w/low cal. salad dressing for dinner. Medifast pudding for end of day treat……..this is a GOOD day:) I do NOT do Medifast lunches & dinners everyday. This is doable for me for the rest of my life. I love ALL Medifast meals BUT can’t always afford them. I NEED to incorporate Medifast as my allowance allows for each month & it all works out & am so GRATEFUL for the Medifast I can afford to buy each month. I can NOT do the complete diet Medifast advises BUT I can do the best I can afford. I love all the food & go from there w/my affordability & I am making progress. This is a life-long meal plan for me. It is NOT a diet…this is a wonderful forever eating lifestyle for me.

  2. carol ann usher

    I also park far away from the store in the parking lots so I get more of a walk to my destination. I also do any exercise daily even if it’s a slow walk. Any movement is better than none. You don’t have to break a sweat…just move a little & move more if you want. That is key. We cannot all be athletics but we can do what we can. I know 80to90 plus year old people who move….not like younger people BUT they do what they can. This is GREAT. Just do what is comfortable for you. We are all individuals & we don’t need to impress others. We only NEED to do what we can & enjoy life:)

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