1. Carol Ann Usher

    I use Medifast everyday to help me stay slimmer & healthy. I do a Medifast shake & tea for breakfast. I eat a small fruit & small serving of cottage cheese for snack, a Medifast soup or potatoes for lunch. I treat myself to wine before & one during dinner w/my Medifast meal:) This has helped me keep the weight off. I LOVE a Medifast pudding at the end of the day & my last treat……this is not a diet BUT a wonderful, lifelong way to eat:) I’m so happy w/Medifast. My snacks can be Medifast pretzels, too:) They are great. I do have some ”regular” food BUT Medifast is number one & so important & I eat it more than the ”regular” food or American foods:) I do NOT eat potato chips or saturated foods. I can live HAPPILY w/my food choice-this is not at dreadful ”diet.” I am doing GREAT now. Thank-you, Medifast:)

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