1. John Williamson

    I find your life journey very relatable, since breakfasts of all varieties were my favorite meals! I was always in great shape and very healthy (150 lbs.) until my junior year in college! By then the young adult life of eating and drinking without exercise, began to catch up to me. By the time I reached 26 years old I had reached 235 lbs and by 35 years old had maxed out at 319 pounds. I had tried several popular weight loss programs with very little results, if any, only to put it right back on! Then at 45 I was taking 2 meds for blood pressure and 1 for high cholesterol, when I met my first grandson. It was at this time my eyes were opened and I discovered Take Shape for Life using Medifast products! I have changed my bad habits, lost over 125 pounds and maintained this for over 10 years now and I have rid myself of all of the medications I was on! I now enjoy my healthy lifestyle more than ever with my grandson, at a healthy weight of 190 pounds!
    John Williamson
    TSFL Health Coach

  2. Eric Hoyle


    I have lost just over 60 pounds on Medifast since the middle of February. Actually, Wednesday, June 18th will mark 18 weeks on the program. I utilize many different websites to get recipe ideas for Medifast and I have shared them with a bunch of people that I was able to get to sign up for the program. I will be watching your shows and hopefully getting more recipes that I can incorporate into my everyday life!!!!

  3. Stacie Scheet

    Looking forward to your series as a foodie choosing this new lifestyle to be healthy I love creative ideas! Can’t wait!sta

  4. Ms.Brooklynn

    Should be very interesting…. I think this will help everyone stay on target 🙂

  5. Marie

    This will be awesome. I need to loose around 20 lbs, so I believe learning what to cook and pairing the right foods will help me tremendously. so execited to see this coming.
    thank you.

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