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  1. Carol Ann Usher

    Turn on the music & see what happens. You may be surprised to see yourself dance around all alone in the house:) Just do it!!! What do you have to lose? Just put the music on:)

  2. Casey Lynn Thomas

    I love this post and it helps me to understand why I feel like skipping a workout when the weather is bad. I don’t need to do that and I know it.

  3. J Snyder

    Excellent and concise ! Important information for everyone as we head into fall and winter!

  4. Charlotte Betancourt

    Yes it is real that in winter you feel housebound. But in CA it is not like that. Every day is bright and cheery. Fall is so beautiful. Just came down RT 395 and the trees are bright yellow against the green pines. So lucky to be here in CA with my family.

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