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  1. Kelly Pyeatt

    Thanks for sharing so much Jennifer!

    I have followed the 5 and 1 plan to a “T” also and after a little more than 10 months am either at or very near the end of my loosing phase. I am extactic to be wearing these sizes of clothing I had long ago given up on ever seeing again!

    My family was deeply concerned about my health and they are extremely relieved. They are concerned I may regain the weight and are offering a multitude of suggestions and warnings. I will send Jennifer’s story to them for reassurance.

    As the excess weight I gained was mostly from medicines I am not overly concerned about regainning; I do have some questions however. How I will be able to keep up the protein values I have been consuming on Medifast without adding powders and the like? How can I tell when I am done loosing weight?

    Thank you for the story and for the answers.

  2. Barb Gennardo

    I love your positive attitude! I am the same way as you after reading Healthy Habits by Dr. A. it engrained in me to Take Shape for Life! I lost 40 lbs. and I make sure I don’t go above 5 lbs. on maintanence…then I’m back on 5 and 1 until I lose that 5 lbs. Works for me for a year now! Thank you for your story!

  3. Lori

    HI There

    I lost 35 pounds on medifast a little less than 4 years ago for my wedding. Tomorrow is my 3 year weddng anniversary. Anyway- I was able to keep it off successfully until recently. I can\’t figure out what the problem is- I have been working out fairly regularly- I think I built a little muscle which would explain some weight gain but I have gained 9 pounds from my best weight and 12 pounds from the point where I was literally too thin. I am 5.1 so these pounds are making a big difference in the way I look and feel. I am having so much trouble getting it off I am starting to feel defeated. I have pretty much stuck to the 5 &1 plan- never really transitioned back to real food but added more calories to my lean and green. I still do not eat bread, fruit (every now and then), pasta, but I do like some snacks that have some more carbs than medifast food like Paul Newmans high protein pretzels and soy chips. All in all- I have never gotten too far off track. I have started keeping a food journal and find I eat more condiments than I should and usually dont get all my medifast foods in for the day but calories stay between 900 and 1200 depending. I am really getting depressed. Can you suggest anything to try? I hate to give up excersize but I can\’t seem to balance calories wth excersize to get the right combo to drop this weight. Please help if you can!! I just really want to drop 5 pounds and I will be satisified. Thanks!!

  4. Michelle Murphy

    Thank you so much for this post. I am in the middle of week two and really needed this tonight. I had a tough day and my normal coping mechanism would have been a take out food debacle. One of the best things about MediFast is the social networking support.

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