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  1. Cynthia Jacobson

    These are great!! I will definitely be sharing these with my TSFL clients and talking with them directing them to the chapter on Stress in Habitsof Health. Thank you for putting this all together in one place Nick!

  2. jef

    Thank you for the article on stress. I am a stress eater. I had a tough day yesterday at my job and thanks to medifast I did not stress out on junk food. Your thoughts today is helping me keep a better perspective on the situation. I need to keep in mind the bigger picture but need to take a more active role in this adverse situation. I can make choices and do not have to sacrifice myself to meet their needs. I have been putting in extra hours and not able to keep up with the paper work demands. “The bosses want more soon and faster.” I am looking at setting priorities but my nature is to be flexible and do what ever is needed by those around me. This experience is going to be a challenging one to face. I will learn from the experience.

  3. Susan Barrett

    I am at goal and have been worried about not having enough practical tools for helping myself continue with what I want for my health. Resilience is to mental balance like exercise is to physical balance. Thanks from me personally. I’ll be looking for more of your posts on the website.

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