by Alexandra Miller, RDN, LDN

Fall into Family Health and Fitness

Medifast Fall into Family Health and Fitness

September 26th is a day dedicated to Family Health and Fitness. It’s a perfect time to gather your family to enjoy the great outdoors. Be a fit and healthy example for your family by trying out some of these activities ideal for crisp fall weather. Continue Reading →


by Hallie Falquet Sovesky

You could be our next winner!


It’s another big game for Notre Dame this weekend! They’ve got the luck of the fighting Irish on their side, do you? If so, you could bag two weeks of Medifast food when Notre Dame gets a sack! Each Notre Dame sack will prompt another two-week Medifast Meal giveaway for every game throughout the season. While results vary, on average, one can lose 2-5 lbs the first 2 weeks on the Medifast 5&1 Plan, and 1-2 lbs each week thereafter. How much weight do you want to lose? Continue Reading →


by Cayla Durrett, Prana Flow® YTT-200

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga Asanas

Our busy lives often leave our brains buzzing, and our stress levels high. It is not uncommon to see a gym-goer reading a book, or watching television on the treadmill while working out. The beauty of Yoga is that it gives us the opportunity to turn off all of these distractions and focus inward. Vinyasa Yoga, which connects asanas (Yoga poses) in a flow-like sequence, focuses on connecting body movement with breath. Continue Reading →