Medifast employees strive to make an iM-pact

Since its founding, Medifast has been committed to giving back through providing funding and support to various organizations. Recently, employees have expressed their interest to get more involved in volunteer activities, and Medifast welcomed the idea with open arms, even allowing employees to choose where they would like to volunteer. Thus, the iM-pact program was born. Our employees’ first stop: The Johns Hopkins Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House, which provides overnight accommodations to families of children receiving treatment at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Often, we get so caught up in our jobs that it’s easy to forget just how lucky we are to be able to go to work each day and have a home-cooked meal if we so choose. The families that stay at the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House are far away from their homes and dealing with many challenges while a loved one is in the hospital. The Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House strives to do anything and everything to help ease a difficult time for families, and one way is by providing dinner. Each night individuals, groups, families, and companies volunteer to provide a meal for the families at the house.

On April 1, 14 employees came together to make an Italian feast and Easter egg hunt for the families. It only took one meeting, one large shopping trip, and two hours of cooking to provide a home-cooked meal for the families and a long-lasting feeling of accomplishment for the volunteers. Not only were coworkers able to meet and bond with many new Medifast faces (there are more than 500 employees supporting you on your weight-loss journey), but they were coming together to make others feel good. Check out the photos on our Facebook page and remember: what’s good for the soul is also good for our health!

Volunteer Recognition Day is today, April 20, but who needs the recognition when volunteering already feels so good? We invite you to join us in the giving of your time to a person or an organization in need. Please share your story with us!