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  1. Rochelle Manel

    Such a helpful suggestion…. Will remember to use treat from now on….

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks! There are some comforting compassionate words we should \\\”treat\\\” ourselves too. Marvel Comics rock!

  3. Pauline Sullivan

    Thank you, this kind of thinking will be a game changer for many of us that are working towards optimal health!

  4. Joelle Ibgui

    Absolutely right!!!!!!!!!!!! I sometime have a treat and still lose weight that week, because it’s a treat, I think that if people think of it as cheating they will have 5 cookies, but as a treat 1 cookie is enough and does not effect you in a negative way.

    Thanks for posting this :-)

  5. Bill Frye

    Very positive thought process. When you tell yourself you “cheated” then you become depressed and then the downward spiral of your thought process begins to take over. I like how you say treat when you deserve and enjoy but dont over treat, splurge, because that can cause guilt. i enjoyed this article and with pass it on to others I know who can and will benefit from reading the advice.

  6. Linda Leiby

    OK, I ‘get’ the part about the semantics….really I do – and I ‘get’ that we shouldn’t dwell on our mistakes. Definitely. The idea is to ‘live and learn’. And to FORGIVE yourself because you’re HUMAN. You don’t throw it all away because you made ONE mistake. You get up and TRY AGAIN. No matter how many times you have to do that.
    … BUT…!!!!
    Having a ‘treat’ day while you’re on MF 5/1 plan can throw you out of ketosis. That can affect your weight loss for that week. So…..sorry, I don’t really agree with the ‘point’ I guess, of this post….because to me it’s still a MISTAKE, and it’s these are mistakes that I have to THINK ABOUT later and LEARN from, to prevent them from happening again!
    So while I agree wholeheartedly about the concept of a ‘treat’ day vs. a ‘cheat’ day WHEN YOU GET TO MAINTENANCE…there’s a big difference before that. I’ve been on this plan awhile now….and I can tell you from personal experience that if I were to ‘forget’ I had a ‘treat’…..then it’s all-too-easy to “wonder” why I didn’t lose weight that week…and then….from there, to start denying the success of this program (again, forgetting entirely that I had enough carbs/fats/whatever 3 or 4 days ago to throw myself OUT of ketosis)….and ‘throw it all away’!
    So sorry, Doc…I don’t agree with this. Not at all. A ‘treat’ while on the 5/1 is still a ‘cheat’, to me. It’s NOT a ‘treat’. A ‘treat’ is staying OP and ‘treating myself’ to good health. A ‘treat’ is ENJOYING my MF meals….OP….like having a great piece of fish for my L&G. THAT is a ‘treat’. Birthday parties? Birthday cake? Simple solution. I bring a MF brownie (premade) and eat THAT when everyone else is eating cake.
    I NEED TO STAY OP until I reach goal. PERIOD. TREATS are out.
    Once I reach goal…well, that’s another story. Hopefully I’ll be able to handle maintenance properly and I certainly plan to ‘treat’ myself once in awhile (WITHOUT referring to it as a ‘cheat’). But before then?
    Absolutely NOT. I’m not going to beat myself up over it, but it IS something that will throw my weight loss off that week (and if not it
    should have….because if it doesn’t that almost gives me ‘license’ to
    think ‘I can get away with it’ (my inner child is very, very tricky!)….
    so it’s better — for me, anyway — to ‘own up’ to it as a ‘cheat’ and
    LEARN from it.

    Linda Leiby
    alias Catlover77

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