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  1. jennifer

    You give me hope. Thanks for the tips. I am saving this for future reference.

  2. Mary vining

    Thank you … This was very insightful. I also believe they are some of the reasons that I am afraid to lose weight.

  3. Fidelia

    I am so disheartened this morning. I just completed my three weeks on medifast and have lost a total of 7.1. My last week’s loss was 0.2 I am just ready to throw in my towel. i am disappointed,

    1. Kelly

      oops, i replied in the wrong space. scroll down, i left a comment for you :)

  4. Kelly

    Fidelia, don’t give up! Has anyone told you about the 3 week stall? It is VERY common. I went through it too. I can’t remember exactly – I will have to go back and look – but I believe I saw almost no loss at the end of my third week.

    Give it a full 4-5 weeks before you make a decision. Trust me, if you follow the plan, it will come off. Some week’s losses will be smaller than others. But when I stuck to it, I lost weight very consistently.

    1. Fidelia

      Thank you so much Kelly. God probably knew I was totally disheartened this morning…you are one of the angels who has connected with me and encouraged me. Thank you

      1. angel

        Also your first two weeks your body is detoxing and dumping all the water that carbs hang onto —it will stall and then should go to about 1-2 pounds a week there after ——-stay away from sodium stuff cause it will bloat you….. It will kick in again!!!

        1. Nupur

          Are any carbs allowed in the first phase

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