1. Michael Case

    I am sorry but you guys should be lowering prices and not raising prices. I am disgusted by this announcement and the fact that this price increase has now made the only diet plan that works for me out of budget and unaffordable. I have a family to feed and bills to pay and this price increase is too big a burden on regular people just trying to be healthy. I guess it was good while it lasted. Good bye Medifast.

    1. admin

      Hi Michael, we certainly understand everyone’s financial situation is different. We realize it may not be an option for you going forward, but we hope you ultimately reach all of your health and weight-loss goals.

  2. Linda

    Great! 6 weeks in an you have a price increase. This is all ready costing my family more each week. I’m in sales and marketing and you know way ahead if this that you will be implementing a price increase. Where are the coupons? Savings for existing customers? I’m in now with no turning back but wanted you to know I’m not happy.

  3. Margaret

    No one likes to see prices increase, but it happens all the time. I can live with an extra 30 cents a day if I continue to see results and feel the plan is working for me. It is an investment in myself.

    1. admin

      Hi Margaret! We’re glad to hear you’re having success on the program and will continue your journey with us!

  4. Charlotte

    Seriously, relax guys!! This only amounts to $2.10 per week. If this plan works for you like it does for me, I would think you\’d be more than willing to pay such an insignificant increase. Seems like a small price to pay for my health and well-being.

  5. Rick Branek

    The weight I’ve lost is much bigger than any price increase! I’m onboard for life change!!

    1. admin

      Congrats on your success to this point, Rick! We’re glad you’ll be seeing your journey through with us!

  6. Ellen McEntee

    First you take away our Percent off for each order, now charging more per pack. Whats next?

  7. Joann

    I will have to go to Weight watchers, Medifast to Expensive!! Luv the program can’t afford it!

    1. admin

      Hi Joann, we certainly understand everyone’s financial situation is different. We hope that you ultimately decide to continue your journey with Medifast.

  8. SJM

    Raising rates? You must be making a fortune as it is. Why not publish how many millions in profit you made this past year? If you were serious about helping people lose weight you would lower rates instead. This just shows your true face.

  9. SJM

    Here are the official numbers:

    For the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2012, Medifast net revenue increased 20% to $83.2 million from net revenue of $69.6 million in the fourth quarter of the prior year.

  10. khoes

    Didn’t you just go up less than a year ago????

    1. admin

      Hi Kathy! No, we haven’t raised the price of Medifast Meals in two years.

      1. Sharon

        How can you say you haven’t raised prices in two years? I’ve been on the program since October of 2012 and when I started the boxes cost 16.00 each. Then you raised the prices to 16.50 each. Now you just raised the prices again to 16.95 a box. I’ve been successful so far on the program but a little tired of the price increases. Two in the last six months!

        1. admin

          Hi Sharon,

          Thank you for commenting and we’re so glad to hear you’re having success on the program! Just to clarify, the last time we raised prices was in May of 2011. In 2012 we changed our coupon offerings, where we now offer more free meals than in the past but less discounts and coupons, but didn’t raise the prices on the meals themselves.

  11. jeffrey woods

    What does this mean for me, I came to medifast to try and get a new weight loss plan that would work as well as nutrisystem did for a similar price. What does this mean for me since I already have an account and am curious about next order and the price of it.

    1. admin

      Hi Jeffrey, great question! In terms of questions regarding individual orders/accounts we recommend you call our Customer Service Center. Thanks!

  12. Jennifer

    I do understand rising costs. Can you help us understand why Medifast shakes cost so much more than most other plans? This increase will not stop me, but I do understand many of the Fastees are barely able to squeeze the price into their budgets.

    Satisfied Fastee

  13. Paula

    Per the email received also CASE discounts are going away. THAT is crazy…”
    We will also no longer offer a discount for case quantity purchases of Medifast Products. Your next Medifast Advantage order will contain your selected case(s) as usual, but a discount will not be applied. “

  14. Roxy

    I just got first two weeks order and now the prices are going up .. wow this is just just annoying. I might not order anymore from medifast again.

  15. john anderson

    Margins on this crap food are already crazy high. This has everything to do with increasing your margins. I recommend weight watchers ever more now….

  16. Ron Kabalin

    I just love the way you notify customer of price increases. Order modified of 4/1/13, $16.50 box. Order shipped on 4/8/13, $16.95. No notification. If prices were going up on 4/2/13, why wasn’t there any notification when my order was modified on 4/1/13?

    1. admin

      Hi Rob,

      Did you place your order on April 1 and was it your first order with Medifast? We ask because if you were a previous customer you should have received notification of the price increase and if you placed the order on April 1st you should have received the old price. If you haven’t already, we recommend contacting our Client Solutions Center at 1-800-763-9954



  18. Vivian Daniels

    I have a question, Do you not have the old bars to choose from as well. I personally do not like the new ones. Thank you.

    1. Hallie Falquet Sovesky
      Hallie Falquet Sovesky

      We do! Check out http://www.MedifastNow.com for all of our food choices, including all of the old bars as well as the new ones.

  19. Theresa

    I was told to use coupons available, but I do not see any that I can print out to use when I go to purchase my next order.

    1. Hallie Falquet Sovesky
      Hallie Falquet Sovesky

      Hi Theresa, There are usually coupon codes offered, not anything that would be printed out. You can usually find them on our web site, our Facebook Page, or through the emails we send out.

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