Tips for Planning a Healthy Vacation

There’s a common misconception that with vacations comes weight gain. Many of us view vacations as a time to take a break from everything, including our healthy habits. This mindset can not only set you back from your initial goal, but it can also hinder your motivation to get back on track. These helpful hints will not only save time at the gym but also prevent you from packing on those extra pounds in the first place!

  1. Do your research

    When planning the perfect vacation, explore different venues and sites that have great sight-seeing and cultural experiences that require walking or some sort of exercise.

  1. Plan your vacation schedule well in advance

    Often we delay scheduling more active events in favor of lazy days spent snacking and drinking by the pool. Unfortunately, this is how our vacation calories add up.

  1. Pack according to your schedule

    If you bring workout clothes and tennis shoes, you are one step closer to getting out and exercising on your vacation! Whether it is water skiing or hiking to a local waterfall, burning calories can be fun!

Vacations can range from relaxing to adventurous, but with these tips, you can have the best of both worlds. Try exploring any of these locations to fill your vacation with fun and dynamic activities!

 Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts
  • This all-inclusive health resort is appealing to yogis and fitness specialists alike. From physical activities like skiing and hiking, to mental activities including meditation sessions, this resort lives up to a healthy reputation.
Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah
  • This family friendly resort situated along the Colorado River provides opportunities to explore this western front. From white water rapids to biking tours, this vacation spot is ideal for an active retreat.
Living La Vida La Jolla in La Jolla, California
  • Located in La Jolla, California, this getaway location is perfect for anyone who loves the water. For a glimpse of the local marine life, vacationers can sign up for paddle boarding or kayaking lessons to get their exercise right in the water.

When planning your next vacation, take notice of the activities around you! From exploring historic national parks to discovering cultural landmarks, be sure to expand your horizons and remain active on your next vacation.