Make Up Your Mind Day

Today is December 31st and what better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than by deciding to get healthy. Make Up Your Mind Day is annually observed on this day and it is dedicated to making a decision and sticking to it regardless of how scary it might be. Perhaps you have tried to get healthy in the past and you’re afraid to make that decision only to fail again. This post will help you to take another chance, to be brave, and to take your first step towards a healthy life.

The biggest mistake that people make when deciding to lose weight, get fit, and eat healthy is that they don’t align their head and their heart. When you decide to become a healthy person it takes more than just choosing to do so; you must also have a change of heart.

In order to do this you must get in touch with what is most important to you and what sort of person you want to be; then identify how health and fitness impact those values. Ask yourself what kind of mother/father, husband/wife, brother/sister, friend, coworker, community member, do you want to be? What is most important to you in your life? How does health and fitness affect these areas of your life?

This must go deeper than just deciding you want to lose weight and look good, you must make it personal, and you have to connect with deeper parts of yourself in order to do this. The answers to these questions can’t be superficial or merely intellectual. Without a deep, heartfelt connection to your decision to get healthy then you may end up struggling once again. Be brave, dig deep, and make up your mind to get healthy this year!