Finding what is right for her

After struggling with her weight for nearly 20 years, Kristin knew she needed to make a lifestyle change. She was through with all of the ups and downs and wanted to make a conscious effort to shed the extra pounds she had accumulated over the years once and for all. She wanted to live a healthy, productive life with her family and that meant dedicating herself to a new and improved lifestyle, not a diet.

Kristin found it very challenging to immerse herself into a weight-loss program and was overwhelmed with the abundant selections of foods offered in many programs. “Every Monday for the past 20 years, I’ve started a new diet. That means I have attempted over 1,000 diets in 20 years!” Kristin just wanted something simple and straight forward, so she chose Medifast Direct. “The simplicity of the program appealed to me. Today, there are so many options in the grocery stores; it feels so overwhelming!”

Visually seeing her results was crucial for Kristin’s success. “Thankfully, I took progress photos every other month so I could track my progress during those weeks the scale didn’t move as much as I had hoped.” Her transformation was so incredible that acquaintances often didn’t recognize her. Family and friends marveled at Kristin’s drastic change in appearance, and even more so noticed the rise in her self-esteem and confidence.

Since Medifast Direct, Kristin has not only seen her self-esteem and confidence skyrocket, but has also noticed a big improvement in her flexibility. “Prior to Medifast, it was difficult for me to even roll over in bed without intense pain. Now, I feel like a teenager! I have a greater ease of movement!” Due to her incredible success with the Medifast Direct Program, Kristin believes very strongly in the approach Medifast takes towards health and nutrition. “I have no doubt the program literally saved my life and I will continue to tell everyone I meet about this amazing program.”

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*Results vary. Typical weight loss on the 5 & 1 Plan is 2–5 lbs per week for the first two weeks, 1–2 lbs each week thereafter.