1. Carol Ann Usher

    good idea but I MUST avoid the sun BUT I do said on cloudy days:) Also use stairs as often as possible & do an exercise & stretch class. I have to force myself at times…but am always GLAD I did:)

  2. picardfitandfab

    What a great idea, can other cities join?

  3. Doris Bailey

    how can we get a best spot in the lot in Manteca, CA we have a Wal-Mart that has a big lot and there are a lot of spots really far from the entrance.

  4. Maggie pilley

    I have been doing this since I have lost weight. Not only do I get a few extra steps, but I am not aggravated looking for a close spot! Saving gas as well by not circling the lot looking for a closer spot! And your car is less likely to get dinged!!!

  5. Jerry Louie

    great idea….how do you spread the parking spaces to other cities.

  6. Marlene

    That would be one heck of a walk for me since I live in San Marcos, California. LOL

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