1. Carol Ann Usher

    I cut-up celery, lettuce, peppers & whatever I have handy a day ahead of time & make the Medifast pudding the day or night before. The following day I decide at the last moment what I feel like having for breakfast, lunch & dinner-Medifast ginger bread for example for breakfast, Medifast Shake for a snack, Medifast soup for lunch, Medifast pretzels for snack, Medifast turkey meatballs w/marinara sauce for dinner w/a vege:) Fruit during the day or for dessert. I use the cut-up veges for snacks also:) I’m doing great & it doesn’t feel like a diet!!

    1. Janette Bennett

      Carol Ann, are you in maintenance? I didn’t think I could have fruit on Medifast.

      1. Carol Ann Udher

        I have a SMALL serving of fruit-I bruise easily & Dr. thinks it’s a good idea for the fiber also:) I’m not doing Medifast ONLY, since it’s too expensive. I am doing 80%+. We all need fresh vegetables or a tleast frozen, too.

  2. Carol Ann Usher

    I’m going to a luncheon today but plan to have a Medifast shake before I go. That way I’ll eat very LITTLE at the luncheon & will concentrate on good conversations w/friends. I’ll bring a Medifast desert just in case I’m tempted:)

  3. Carol Ann Usher

    Janette, How are you doing w/Medifast plan? I love it!! I do have cheat days but get back on plan the day after & I don’t feel guilty, since I’m only human & this is my way of eating for the rest of my life. I’ll always have the snacks, pudding & shakes in my pantry & add the meals, too. BUT the first 3 listed are a MUST for me!!!

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