1. Hallie Falquet Sovesky
    Hallie Falquet Sovesky

    I want to fit into my favorite pair of jeans again!

  2. Debbie Jondahl

    I made it ! I can now fit in my jeans! I have lost almost 50 lbs now. I still have more to go but feeling good about it! This is an awesome program! I have tried many, many other programs and this is by far the very best!!

  3. Heidi G

    I want to lose weight so I can be healthy for the rest of my life.

  4. Patty Shutt

    I am going home to Indiana in a few weeks and can’t wait for everyone to see me weighing 104 pounds less than when they saw me last! Yeah Medifast! And, Go Notre Dame!

    1. Casey Lynn Thomas

      I have lost 44 pounds and have almost 160 more to lose. I need to win this!

  5. Tiffany

    To be healthy when I enter my 40’s!


    so i can enjoy life!

  7. Pamela telgenhoff

    I have lost 65 pounds so far on medifast and I feel GREAT!

  8. Tamra

    I want to lose weight weight and look the way I used to.

  9. Casey Lynn Thomas

    I have lost 44 pounds on medifast since July 18 and I still have about 160 to lose! I really want to win this!!!

  10. Janett gordon

    I am so excited

  11. Sheri Durkin

    Having health issues, losing weight will save my life! I plan to be here to see my Great Grandchildren and getting healthy & fit is one of the steps to see that I do!

  12. Rebecca B

    I want to lose weight for my wedding and honeymoon!!!

  13. B Givens

    24 lbs. gone for good so far!

  14. Renee

    Love this! Go Irish!!

  15. Dianna Davis

    I want to try medifst because I’m tired of being tired, I want to try something that works! Thanks

  16. sylvia

    I need to be healthy! I have a bunch of health issues that would resolve if I lost 45 pounds and that is my main reason.

  17. nancy

    I need something to jump start my weight loss and lifestyle change.

  18. kristi black

    I want to be healthy by 40!

  19. Terri

    I lost 176 lbs on medifast but moved to Hawaii & gained some back so I need to restart & get it all off.

  20. Barbara Gallagher

    Want to get back to my healthy weight.

  21. Ashley coffman

    I want to lose weight so I can be heatlhier and more fit for my two kids.

  22. lynda

    I want to look better in my jeans!

  23. John Gore

    To be healthy and keep up with my growing grandson

  24. Leslie Petcher

    Medifast helped me lose 90 lbs!! Thank you!

  25. Helen Carroll

    I am so excited…..Down a solid 14 pounds, fit into my dressy pants, blood pressure is normal and blood sugar is normal. Have cut my insulin intake by 2/3. I can’t wait for my next doctor visit – he will be estatic!!

  26. Annette Smiht

    wanting to loose weight so I can have a total knee replacement. Now that Medifast is on the internet it will make it allot easier.

  27. Debbie

    Down 40lbs in 2mo! Love this plan so much thanks to it’s versatility with custom Lean & Green meals! Oh those wonderful recipes!! I hardly know what to fix for dinner or lunch each day! 😉

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