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  1. Carol Ann Usher

    Great ideas-especially ”Just say, no.” I need to do that:)

  2. Cathy Manning

    The older I get and the more demanding work is, the more important these are. Thanks so much for the reminders.

  3. Carol Ann Usher

    Kathy Manning & others. If I have a spare few minutes, I prepare snacks & meals ahead of time. I just made a Medifast shake w/added fruit & frozen kale for tomorrow:) I got today’s dinner ready yesterday-frozen black-eyed peas w/frozen mixed veges that I’ll microwave for 1 1/2 mins. & spary w/ Olivio spray or you can use any 0 calorie spray in the refrigerated section @ the grocery store. I will ALWAYS have my pretzel snacks on hand to munch on w/my nightly wine before dinner:) Who doesn’t LOVE the Medifast puddings & bars? No one! I will ALWAYS have them in the pantry:) It’s so easy. This is not a diet & is the ONLY thing that worked for me in the past. I’ll be 65 in November & I have decided, “I WILL buy some form of Medifast every month until the day I die.” I DESERVE it…..there are some good realizations I’ve MADE & will keep from this wonderful time in my life. Can’t stop the clock but I can stop the fat & weight gain in the twilight of my life:) ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Carol Ann Usher

    I ONLY eat Medifast pretzels or popcorn during happy hour. It takes the edge off the hunger & I never feel deprived. I try to make my own healthy snacks, like when hubby eats mixed nuts. I fill small containers w/Cheerios & nuts instead of the store’s canned, mixed nuts. I like to also add Medifast broken-up snacks in the containers for fullness. It works:) Hubby has his fattening, high sugar, salty candy or granola bars & I have my healthy Medifast bars:) I’ve just started the program & my tummy is a little bit flatter & I only do mild stretching w/15 minute, easy arobic walking class 3 times a week. I’ll only do what I know I can do easily for the rest of my life without feeling like it’s a chore!!

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