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  1. carol usher

    I am starting to feel better on all levels. It’s great reading of others’ struggles & success. It keeps me motivated. I was told MANY years ago that I could ”put a rag on & make it looks beautiful.” That was when I weighed 70 lbs. less BUT I want to look great in my clothes like I did back then. I will succeed w/Medifast. I’ve tried every diet out there BUT Medifast is the only one I can stick with for the rest of my life:) It does not feel like a diet & I’m not using that word (diet) ever again. I’m using the word ”eating.” Eating is enjoying the tasty, healthy food with Medifast’s help until the day I die:)

  2. VictoriaG

    Congratulations to the military couple. My husband is a Retiree and I am a Veteran! :) :)

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