Plan of action for event survival during weight loss and maintenance


Holidays, parties, and other events are often a combination of fun, food, and emotions, which play an important role in our eating patterns. If you’re on a healthy eating plan, parties and events will put your commitment to the test. Read more to create your plan of action for events.

Think ahead:

  • What if someone offers me my favorite food?
  • What if someone gives me a hard time about my choices?
  • What if my in-laws start to stress me out?
  • What if I am bored or tired?

Write your intentions: Develop a plan of action using the form below.
My plan of action for [EVENT]:
Date and time:
My goals for this event:

  1. Example: Stay committed to my weight loss and maintenance programs and my health goals.
  2. (List other objectives)
  3. (List other objectives)

Potential challenges to my health goals:
How I will respond to these challenges:

By mentally “walking yourself through” the situations you’re likely to encounter at the event, you’ll be better prepared to handle them with serenity. With a little commitment, handling food-laden social festivities will become easier and more enjoyable.


  1. I was on the program a few years ago and I recall going to a sizable house party. I knew I was going to be successful when I saw the food spread, grabbed a bottle of water and some finger food and worked the room.
    A simple “no thank you” does the job for me. If you are that uncomfortable then do not go to these gatherings.

    I lost 50 pounds in 9.5 weeks.

    To this day I eat small portions all day and gernall one fun meal. I exercise regulary.

    • Scott, thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like you have the right mindset to continue your weight maintenance. Congrats! We’d also love to hear more about your weight-loss w/Medifast:

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